Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Walking Dead Review has a wonderful preview of AMC's highly anticipated The Walking Dead series.  Don't worry, the review is completely spoiler free so feel safe knowing that you won't have the beans spilled.

Here is a sample of the awesomeness to be had:
Still, every time Darabont strays from the basic story line of the comic book his plot decisions are backed 99% by common sense and very real consequences. Case in point: the character Glen looks for an escape route through a sewer pipe. A handful of the survivors are right on Glen's back, readying themselves to scurry down the dark tunnel after him. Glen stops the group before going any farther and throws down some rules. Only one person can go down with the dark tunnel with him at a time. Why? Because if there's something down there, he doesn't want a frightened, human pile-up that results in his death. Glen wants a quick escape route at the ready. Yes. This makes perfect sense. Just about every single moment that veers off of Kirkman's original path works this way. And it's great to watch — in fact, you'll have to watch it twice, because too many times the first time around, you'll find yourself nudging the person next to you exclaiming, "Exactly, that's just what I would do!"
Catch the premier of The Walking Dead, Halloween night on AMC.