Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Walking Dead - Issue 78 Preview

Drowned a bit in the hype of The Walking Dead television premier, the comic which it is based on continues!  Thankfully, AMC is giving credit where credit is due and hosting a preview of issue #78. I can't wait for the next issue and have frantically been rereading all the past ones in anticipation of the television premier.  One thing we know is that I'm sure the series isn't going to disappoint, but there's nothing like getting back to it's roots....

Look for issue #78 soon, and catch a preview here!

P.S. I've entered into the Spread the Dead Contest for The Walking Dead, so help a fellow zombie fan out :).


  1. I'm not even gonna sneak a peek. The comic always seems so short as it is, I'd rather be surprised. Thanks anyway!

    P.S. - Thanks for exposing me! I hope my signing up counts.

  2. nice movie man

    I'll have to see

  3. I don't read comics so I'll sticl to the tv series :)

  4. I've GOT to see this my friend, thanks for info and post.

  5. I cant wait for this show, looking forward to halloween