Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back could have really sucked...(UPDATED)

As apart of the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, Lucasfilm has released a new book The Making of Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back by JW Rinzler detailing all the behind the scenes goodies of the second (fifth) film of the Star Wars masterpiece.

What io9 reveals its a top ten list of things we didn't know about the making of the film. What is disclosed is that The Empire Strikes Back could have really, really sucked!  Some revelations include:
"Darth Vader would have had a castle. And it would have been an evil fortress — in some versions, it's surrounded by lava, and full of gargoyles who are Vader's pets."
"And then there's the challenge of Yoda — as we reported the other day, they considered everything from a monkey in a mask to a small child or little person to play the Jedi sage, before deciding to go with Frank Oz's puppetry."
Well maybe not so much as sucked, but it definitely would not anywhere be near the original version we all love.  Check it out if you get a chance! A definite must for any hardcore Star Wars fan, and at least a good flip through on your next visit to the bookstore. Enjoy!

UPDATE: There's a good interview in Vanity Fair with author JW Rinzler about the filming of Empire Strikes Back.


  1. Thank god they didn't use any of that. Would have ruined the best movie of the series!

  2. Thank God they didn't ruin the greatest film in the Saga! XD

  3. I still would of watched a monkey in a mask. Possibly more so.

  4. The castle one sounds pretty badass if you ask me.