Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dead Season

Good Afternoon Indigene readers. On my radar today comes this independent Zombie flick called Dead Season.  Directed by Adam Deyoe, the film chronicles the the experiences of two zombie apocalypse a year after the initial outbreak.  These two survivors have fled the mainland by boat and happen to find themselves on an island seeking refuge, but everything is not as it seems. What they discover is going on at the island refuge causes them to attempt a daring escape. 

This doesn't sound like your run of the mill zombie film, which could be really awesome or really bad.  However, given the statements by the director in an interview, it might worth be checking out!
"This movie has zombies in it, but this is not a tradition zombie movie by any means," Semmens said in an interview with Rabid Doll. "In fact, I cannot think of one zombie movie out there that deals with the issues that we address. And because of that it makes it much more realistic. We get way more into the personal decisions and how your morals are tested in a post-apocalyptic society and what you have to do … to survive.
"It has more of a story element than most zombie films. For that reason, I think it's one that people can relate to more. It's more exciting to put yourself in these 'what if' scenarios. There are always a place for the shoot-them-up, kill-a-million-zombies movies in this world, but we think audiences will enjoy saying 'Wow, if I was in this person's shoes would I be doing the exact same thing just to survive?'"
Definitely keep this on your radar and catch a screening if you can. If you are in Tampa, FL, you're in luck with a pre-release screening on Sept. 28th. Check out their website here. Enjoy!

Dead Season Trailer 1 from enzosauce on Vimeo.


  1. quite a following you have amassed.

  2. I will be keeping an eye out for this one.

  3. Keeping an eye out for it, Might have some time to check it out!

  4. You'll have to remind me (well, remind US) when this comes out. On DVD.