Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Speaking of Aliens....

There seems to be a lot of alien content in the media and entertainment right now, but I wanted to turn your attention to a movie that I thought looked pretty promising!

Monsters is about the current status of the United States and Mexico efforts at dealing with an alien infestation six years prior. The story follows the experiences of an American journalist and tourist caught in the quarintine zone.

The trailer doesn't look half bad! If you get a chance to see this on the big screen at select openings, I'd say go for it! You also are able to download the film On Demand, and through iTunes. I'm planning on downloading the itunes version when I have time in the coming days, but nothing would beat seeing this on the big screen.

Check it out for yourself at their website!


  1. Looka like a great film, hope it comes to UK soon!

  2. that looks awesome.... I wonder when they're gona bring out District 10. i really! enjoyed that film