Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Layout!!

I decided to change things up and go for a new look. I looked around for some neat templates because I don't have the HTML skill to make my own! However, I thought this one was kind of cool. I like the youtube bar at the top. I think I'm going to purely use the bar at top to post videos. That way it'll free up some space in my text, and allow for quicker loading times. I was noticing that when my posts got video heavy, it took a while to load. In addition, I deleted the videos from my last five posts. The current videos are some of my brother's work, check No Reservations Productions to see more. I'm going to use the bar to refer to videos I talk about in my posts, and I hope its pretty obvious which videos I'm talking about.

However! I am having some issues already with the new layout! If someone knows a bit more about HTML and would like to help me that would be greatly appreciated :)! My visited links on my browser turn black, which effectively makes them disappear into the black background. I've scoured over the code and don't know where this is at to change it.

Also, I don't want to be limited to pasting youtube videos. Embedding videos doesn't seem to work. Hmm? Suggestions?

Well, hopefully I'll work out the kinks. But for now enjoy!!

Vid1: Native Model Studio- I like the song from Redcloud ft. Ulali
Vid2: Primary Blends, Lotus Nightclub- If you're in town for gathering check out some Native DJs!
Vid3: 2030 Coal Challenge- Winning video from my bro and his peeps about the dangers of Coal. Pretty funny
Vid4: Spindian Market- You ain't Artsier than me!

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