Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Checking In

I haven't blogged in a really, really long time. I got caught up with finals last month, and then went back home for Spring Break where I didn't have internet access. So now I'm back at school on my final term. Scary! The real world is right around the corner, and I'm trying to make sure I have a place to work when I graduate. Its been slim pickings because of the economy, but I trust it'll come together.

I'm also thinking of revamping my blog. I feel like it needs a change. New layout? New focus? Although my posts have been all over the place, I think my title and subtitle takes itself a little too serious. Lol.

Check back soon!


  1. Whatever you do, it better be awesome.

  2. Are my links disappearing black after you click them? I can't figure out where in the code i can change that. I've been looking everywhere.

  3. lol "takes itself a little too serious" haha just abit huh? ;)
    well, I dont know if your blog is just looking weird cause im using my schools internet cause its mostly black...either way..Everything Looks Better In Black. :)