Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change? Yes we can.

As the day of November 4th ended and Barack Obama was elected as the nations first Black President; the world welcomed November 5th and the renewed sense of hope that the day carried.

I sat here today, not knowing what to say. But as my duty (and everyone's) never to forget this day, I sit here as a witness to history and record something that people have dreamed of, have fought for, have died for, and sometimes felt was never attainable.

What would have people have said 232 years ago when this country was founded, and a Black man was considered 3/5ths human? 145 years ago, could Lincoln ever imagine that a person from the very people he was freeing would ever fill his shoes? Was this the dream Dr. King prophesied 45 years ago? Was this the ideal that Malcolm X realized was possible when returning from Mecca 44 years ago? Was this the legacy of all the people who marched in the streets demanding change? Was this the legacy of colored intellectuals who used the pen, instead of the sword demanding their story heard?

Was this the story of one people? No.

November 4, 2008 will forever stand as the legacy of all people. A day when our country made the decision not to be bound by the chains of its history. When people of all color, gender, sexuality, and histories came together to judge someone on the content of his heart.

Obama's win was a victory for all people, and comes at a time when the world needs this kind of victory. While the world is at war, the climate is rapidly deteriorating, the world economy is in crisis, and many other problems; our country decided to make the decision to change.

As Barack Obama stood there on that stage and spoke to the world, I couldn't help but feel exhilarated like the millions of people worldwide who were witness to history, witness to a wall being shattered.

Is this the promised land? Not quite. But it is another step, a choice we have made to continue to try and get there.

Change? Yes, we can. And on November 4, 2008, we did.

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