Thursday, October 9, 2008

zoom, Zoom, ZOOM!

I just signed up today for Zipcar! Zipcar is a car sharing company, where you can rent cars from and hour to a few days! Living in a College "bubble" with no ride makes it difficult to get off campus. So its safe to say I am extremely excited to start renting!

Considering the times we live in, with imminent environmental looming and sometimes already here. Its great to see there are still a few very creative companies who are willing to step out of the box to cater to and address a certain problem. Zipcar is really meant to answer the overcrowding and environmental problems of cities. Living in a major city probably means you utilize a mix of public and private transportation. Zipcar aims to get cars off the road; which means less emissions, less congestion, and a great alternative for people who really need a car for short errands. So simple, yet the first of its kind!

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  1. thanks for not telling me about this.