Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sunsets have always been something that has fascinated me. Growing up in the southwest, the landscape provides for some vivid examples of nature's beauty. Its something that I have noticed and missed since going to school back east. I blame it mostly on the tall trees and hills that eliminate any distant horizon. This equals less light, and the inability to observe the sun as it slips past our sight.

I remember as a kid just playing playing playing till the sun started to set. Then I would stop what I was doing, and just watch the colors light up the sky and shed a glow on the mesas around me. I think sunsets are one of nature's most marvelous natural phenomena. Like snowflakes, no two are ever the same. I think Forrest Gump describes sunsets best by saying: "I couldn't tell where Heaven stopped, and the Earth began..."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Sox!!!!!!

The Red Sox defeated the Rays tonight 8-7, in the second biggest postseason comeback in MLB history. Down 7-0, Boston rallied back for an incredible win.

Yes, I am apart of the Red Sox Nation. In part, because I know someone who's family member is Jacoby Ellsbury. But also, because I have witnessed some of the greatest moments in baseball's history that will be remembered in the 21st century. The 2004 incredible breaking of the "curse", and coming from 0-3 game deficit in the ALCS, to win 7 straight for the world series. Last year was incredible to watch as the first Navajo player became a deciding factor in their world series success. And finally tonight, as the Red Sox amounted an incredible comeback, falling only second to the Philidelphia Athletics triumph over an 8 run deficit in 1929.

With one year left at school here in New England, I am more determined than ever to visit my adopted team, and be apart of this history.

Imagine being there amongst the pandemonium! Watch all the way to see what I mean.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Your fellow Americans

I'm not even going to break this down, I'll let these ridiculous videos speak for themselves. Its just a little video showcasing the logic of some McCain-Palin supporters.

Caution: not for the sane.

Credit to Dx for the tipoff about the first video.

and this one too...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Speaking of...

Speaking of intelligent car companies, Zipcar reminded me of this documentary called Who Killed the Electric Car. Well, perhaps I should clarify. They are intelligent car companies. It just show happens they are smart enough to control the market on automobiles to keep them in business.

I swear, everyone needs to see this movie. The title is really all the description you need.

zoom, Zoom, ZOOM!

I just signed up today for Zipcar! Zipcar is a car sharing company, where you can rent cars from and hour to a few days! Living in a College "bubble" with no ride makes it difficult to get off campus. So its safe to say I am extremely excited to start renting!

Considering the times we live in, with imminent environmental looming and sometimes already here. Its great to see there are still a few very creative companies who are willing to step out of the box to cater to and address a certain problem. Zipcar is really meant to answer the overcrowding and environmental problems of cities. Living in a major city probably means you utilize a mix of public and private transportation. Zipcar aims to get cars off the road; which means less emissions, less congestion, and a great alternative for people who really need a car for short errands. So simple, yet the first of its kind!

Checking In

Hello all,

To the millions of readers out there. Sorry I have neglected my postings. I'm back at school and swanped as usual. Time here is a precious commodity, that means blogging is that much more difficult! On the other hand, I just think I suck at time management!

However, I will try to make a greater effort to post over the next few months! I think this blog has taken a political tone over the last few posts. I didn't intend for that to happen, but oh well. I'm going to return to my original charter of posting about whatever peaks my interest at the time.

So with that, MXC is the greatest show ever (currently watching). Ha!