Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yup'ik my ass

Lies, lies, and more lies! I found this interesting article on Sarah Palin and her record on Native issues. I have seen some editorials speculating the predicament Native voters are being placed in this election in deciding which candidate can best support them. Some even said because of the Palin pick, that added more depth to their party for Native issues. I didn't know much about Palin's past until now.

Here is an interesting article revealing the truth behind her record. Her record is extremely disturbing if you ask me. Especially coming from the wife of someone who "comes from Yup'ik descent"(RED FLAG- descent), and who I believe was recently quoted saying something along the lines that she supports tribes and embraces their culture (or something along those lines). See the full article here.

However here is a quick list of what she has done so far to her Alaskan Native constituents:
  • Attacked subsistence hunting and fishing rights
  • Threatened tribal sovereignty
  • Opposed helping Alaskan Native languages.

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