Friday, September 5, 2008

Sneaky, Sneaky

It amazes me to see how right wing media completely contradicts itself, when beneficial, in order to manipulate the views of the public. I'm sure left oriented media is not completely innocent either (and because i too am not impartial), but the right wing is notorious for its vocal and rash characters: e.g., Rush Limbaugh (sp?), Karl Rove, etc.

Here is a video of John Stewart highlighting their betrayal of themselves:

Propaganda is something I find interesting, if for the simple fact that it reaffirms my belief that words are powerful. Words can spark revolutions, change the minds of millions, and sometimes even be used to pull the wool over the masses. This is not to say that I too am immune to or have not been swept up in propogandic messages. But when I do recognize it, I'm amazed at the sheer laziness of the American public and the lethargic regurgitation of manipulated information.

Propaganda in today's politics seems so simple and subtle, yet frighteningly effective. Images of cornfields to appeal to the voters of the Midwest. Strategic shots and placement of the handful of minority people in the crowd. The essential "pasting" and use of statements taken completely out of context. Politics of fear mongering: the redundant beating over the head that "we're not safe! terror, terror, terror!". And I could go on and on.

But the crazy thing is I guess it works! If its not broke, why fix it? Obviously a lot of Americans are too busy, too lazy, and/or just don't care to learn the issues, check the facts, and think critically about what they're being told.

Like my good friends of Rage Against the Machine so eloquently stated: "WAKE UP!"

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