Monday, October 25, 2010


This weekend continued my horro movie countdown with some more classic films.  The Shining probably is one of the most iconic films (and not just in horror) to grace the screen, and is probably one of Jack Nicholson's most famous roles.

Set in the mountains of Colorado, The Shining details the descent of Jack into madness as he attempts to kill his family.  Whether this is brought on by supernatural forces or the stress of the cabin feaver he is thrust into is part of the charm of the film. What's real? Is that a ghost? Or, is it his own manifestations?

It was quite a treat to revisit this classic, and even more fun to look up people's interpretations afterwards! I still need to read the book however, especially since Stephen King said this was one of the only film adaptations of his book that he doesn't like. If that's the case, the book must be quite the doozy!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I haven't been keeping up with my Horror List postings, but I have been watching some classic films in preparation for Halloween! Last night, I watched one of the best: Evil Dead.

If you youngin's don't know, Evil Dead is one of the all-time cult classic horror films ever made. Starring b-list actor Bruce Campbell as Ash, Evil Dead is the perfect mix of 80s horror gore and humor. Fans were treated to a remake in Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, as they followed Ash with his classic chainsaw and boomstick.

I hadn't watched this film in a long time, and was super excited to watch this last night.  It did not disappoint that's for sure.  Make sure you add this to your Halloween film list for a classic trip down horror lane. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Walking Dead - Issue 78 Preview

Drowned a bit in the hype of The Walking Dead television premier, the comic which it is based on continues!  Thankfully, AMC is giving credit where credit is due and hosting a preview of issue #78. I can't wait for the next issue and have frantically been rereading all the past ones in anticipation of the television premier.  One thing we know is that I'm sure the series isn't going to disappoint, but there's nothing like getting back to it's roots....

Look for issue #78 soon, and catch a preview here!

P.S. I've entered into the Spread the Dead Contest for The Walking Dead, so help a fellow zombie fan out :).

Dead Season

Good Afternoon Indigene readers. On my radar today comes this independent Zombie flick called Dead Season.  Directed by Adam Deyoe, the film chronicles the the experiences of two zombie apocalypse a year after the initial outbreak.  These two survivors have fled the mainland by boat and happen to find themselves on an island seeking refuge, but everything is not as it seems. What they discover is going on at the island refuge causes them to attempt a daring escape. 

This doesn't sound like your run of the mill zombie film, which could be really awesome or really bad.  However, given the statements by the director in an interview, it might worth be checking out!
"This movie has zombies in it, but this is not a tradition zombie movie by any means," Semmens said in an interview with Rabid Doll. "In fact, I cannot think of one zombie movie out there that deals with the issues that we address. And because of that it makes it much more realistic. We get way more into the personal decisions and how your morals are tested in a post-apocalyptic society and what you have to do … to survive.
"It has more of a story element than most zombie films. For that reason, I think it's one that people can relate to more. It's more exciting to put yourself in these 'what if' scenarios. There are always a place for the shoot-them-up, kill-a-million-zombies movies in this world, but we think audiences will enjoy saying 'Wow, if I was in this person's shoes would I be doing the exact same thing just to survive?'"
Definitely keep this on your radar and catch a screening if you can. If you are in Tampa, FL, you're in luck with a pre-release screening on Sept. 28th. Check out their website here. Enjoy!

Dead Season Trailer 1 from enzosauce on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Listen, I know I like zombies...

....but at least I'm not this obsessed! Lol. Check out this guy's super sweet obsessive zombie tats! He has The Walking Dead comic frames across his leg. Pretty interesting decision is you ask me!!

The Walking Dead Review has a wonderful preview of AMC's highly anticipated The Walking Dead series.  Don't worry, the review is completely spoiler free so feel safe knowing that you won't have the beans spilled.

Here is a sample of the awesomeness to be had:
Still, every time Darabont strays from the basic story line of the comic book his plot decisions are backed 99% by common sense and very real consequences. Case in point: the character Glen looks for an escape route through a sewer pipe. A handful of the survivors are right on Glen's back, readying themselves to scurry down the dark tunnel after him. Glen stops the group before going any farther and throws down some rules. Only one person can go down with the dark tunnel with him at a time. Why? Because if there's something down there, he doesn't want a frightened, human pile-up that results in his death. Glen wants a quick escape route at the ready. Yes. This makes perfect sense. Just about every single moment that veers off of Kirkman's original path works this way. And it's great to watch — in fact, you'll have to watch it twice, because too many times the first time around, you'll find yourself nudging the person next to you exclaiming, "Exactly, that's just what I would do!"
Catch the premier of The Walking Dead, Halloween night on AMC.

And we're back!!

Good Morning Indigene. Please excuse my lack of posting the past few days. As I suspect, not many of you are on during the weekend; nonetheless I was unavailable to post during my roadtrip. But now that I'm back, look forward to some more great zombie posts!!

First thing I want to tip you guys off to is a chance to win The Walking Dead posters! All you have to do is submit your email and you're entered to win!  Check out the contest here, and the sweet posters below:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zombie Walk Fundraiser for Brain Damage (FAIL)

A big oops coming today out of New Zealand. Apparently organizers of a charity event to raise money for victims of brain injury didn't make the connection that holding a Zombie Walk could be problematic. 
"The charity and the event's organisers have come under fire after inviting participants to dress up and 'channel their inner zombie", declaring 'seeing zombies have been eating brains all these years, we figured it's time we gave back'."
Oops, is right.  Haha I can think of tons of similar analogies that are hilarious and innappropriate. Oh well, next time you organize a Zombie Walk, make sure its not for brain patients!

See the article here.